Availability and Locations

I am constantly traveling around Australia and internationally. My most frequented domestic locations are:

Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne. 

I regularly announce travel dates and plans through my mailing list and on networking profiles (see icon links below). I plan my travel schedule based on booking demand and am willing to travel extensively for bookings provided my costs are covered. 

Booking Policy

Upon confirmation of booking you automatically agree to the below terms. I have tried to cover the most common queries that I receive, please feel free to confirm with me directly if you are unsure about anything. If these conditions are disrespected during the booking I reserve the right to stop the shoot and leave the set. And with all that nitty-gritty out of the way, I look forward to working with you!


I'm passionate about creating artistic, emotive and evocative imagery. Please use my portfolio as a guide to my comfort limits. I retain the right to turn down concepts that I deem to be tacky, cheesy, or silly. If you require further clarification of my boundaries, please feel free to ask. 




150AUD/hr (2hr Min)
500AUD/Half day (4hr)
900/Full day (8hr) 
*includes up to maximum one hour travel time each way either to be discussed at time of booking. 
** bookings with a second shooter typically attract a 40% loading, and have a strict policy of only one photographer shooting at a time

In other parts of the world my rates vary - please click here to contact me directly to inquire. 

I do request a standard booking fee which is equivalent to a 25% deposit to secure a booking (non-refundable but may be transferable based on case-by-case assessment) - until this booking fee has been received and acknowledged the booking is not considered confirmed. The remaining balance is due in cash at the beginning of the shoot. I accept cash, bank transfer, or PayPal for deposits. *I have never cancelled a tour or booking, but if I ever do your deposit will be immediately returned in full. I hold an ABN and can provide full invoicing.

To make a deposit click here - only if we have already agreed on a time and date.

I always arrive at shoots with basic hair and makeup ready and any agreed wardrobe items/props in hand - unless otherwise discussed.

I do not discuss/organise/negotiate shoots over the phone, it is important for me to have the conversation history in writing so I can easily refer back to it! 


Cancellation Policy

  • Up to 10 days before start of published tour dates - I keep your deposit

  • Within 10 days of the beginning of published tour dates - 50% of the agreed booking fee

  • Within 48hrs of schedule shoot - 100% of the agreed booking fee

Note, it is the photographer's responsibility to have a wet-weather plan in the case of inclement weather if a location shoot is planned. Please respect that this is my full time job and sole source of income, so especially important while travelling. Thank you for your understanding. 

Other Considerations

  • I am often on a predetermined schedule so the clock must start and end at the agreed time (eg: if we scheduled a 2 hour shoot starting at 10am, we must be wrapped by 12pm). The booking time is just that, and includes things like discussions of ideas during the shoot, water/food breaks, changing time, bathroom breaks, and travel time if you wish to change locations.

  • All nude shoots must be on private property or have a reasonable expectation of privacy unless explicitly discussed and agreed upon.

  • If you choose to end our shoot early, my fee will not be prorated

  • I must be informed prior to the shoot of any additional people to you and I who will be on set or if you wish to bring an assistant on location

  • Please inform me at the time of booking if you:

    • Require me to get my hair wet. I need to ensure you are either my last shoot of the day, or that there is enough time between shoots to restyle my hair

    • Want to cover me in any substance such as baby oil, mud, or paint. There must be facilities available to clean up, and sufficient time to do so must be allotted (within my billable hours).

    • Want me to pose in full direct sunlight (aka midday beach shoot in Summer) I have very sensitive skin so must make necessary precautions

    • Want me to pose with another model. I am very selective in this regard so my answer will not always be yes

If you would like to set up a shoot, you can use the Contact Page.


I am happy for anyone I have worked with to be contacted for a professional reference - otherwise a list of references can be provided on request. Below is a sample:

"Seriously one of the best art models in Australia. So easy to get along with, such a fantastic look and pose after pose of artistic gold. Definitely worth the time and investment if you're serious about your art." - Art Form Brisbane, Australia


"She is the complete definition of an art nude model. As others have commented, she has the perfect figure for nude photography, and is effortlessly able to create the most amazing shapes... she proved the ideal collaborator, taking my ideas and adding her own creative and stylistic contributions. On top of all that, she is such easy company, making the whole shoot both productive and enjoyable." - DaveT, England


"This might have been one of the toughest shoots in my career, if not the top position of the list. It has been pouring down something right between heavy rain and snowfall, it has been foggy, windy, and unpleasant ...  weather to stay indoors and enjoy cookies and tea. Thank you so much for your bravery and courage, your grace and warmness. It has been a pure pleasure to meet you and work with you." - Thomas Bichler, Germany


"This is one of the model that I know, that makes the life easy to every single photographer. She is absolutely incredible, versatile, passionate and she love this art. She is extremely professional, kind and committed... she is one of the best! Highly recommended" - Romi Muse, Spain


"I have worked with Sylph on several occasions now and she is one of the best. Very easy to work with, extremely professional and needs little to no direction. I have always walked away from our shoots with multiple outstanding images. I would highly recommend Sylph for any work you have." - Brad Page, Australia


"Fabulous model, a delight to work with, it IS that simple!!" - Peter Kelly, Australia